South Fargo business employees say, they’re fed up with mail delivery issues from Post Office

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- More trouble brewing at the Prairiewood Post Office. But this time, the complaints are coming from a south Fargo business and their customers. They say they’re suffering because of the issues they’ve been experiencing with the USPS. On top of that, they claim they’ve done everything on their end and now want the postal service to step up.

“We just opened something on Monday that was postmarked in November and just got back to us,” says an employee with a south Fargo business.

Not being delivered in a timely manner, letters getting returned for no reason and certified documents being mishandled. Those are just a couple of the issues some employees from a south Fargo business say have been giving them headaches. They asked us not to identify their business in this story.

“It’s still frustrating. You expect that it’s received, not having to void a check and cut a new one and wait two months to expect that payment has been processed,” says one of the employees.

What’s more, these employees tell us their business relies on timely payments from their customers. But that hasn’t always been possible. And as you can imagine, some of their customers haven’t been too happy with what’s going on either.


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This is all over the country. Problem can be solved by PO management hiring more clerks instead of eliminating them. We have so few clerks that it is impossible for standard operating procedures to be done. I have worked in the PO for almost 38 years and it is the worst I have every seen.