Some police departments holding packages in bid to stop porch pirates

ST. BERNARD, Ohio (WKRC) – ‘Tis the season for giving, but unfortunately, it’s also the season for taking.

Each year, the St. Bernard Police Department says it will take a handful of calls about packages being stolen from doorsteps. But for at least the last 15 years, they’ve done their part to reduce porch piracy by allowing St. Bernard residents to have their packages delivered directly to the police department. All you need is a valid ID to pick them up.

“It’s here; it’s safe and they don’t have to worry about it being taken by someone, and, that way, they can enjoy their holidays,” said Lt. Bill Ungruhe.

The service quickly caught on and it’s now being offered by a number of Ohio police departments, including Norwood, which began accepting holiday deliveries for its residents four years ago.


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If all delivery companies would require their carriers to ring the doorbell or knock on the door you would have a lot less thefts, I have been home on numerous occasions when my doorbell camera alerts me to motion and watch as carrier drops package and walks away. I even caught the carrier as he was walking away, and I opened the door and asked him if he could please ring the doorbell when dropping off packages few days later same carrier dropped off package and walked away without ringing the doorbell. The sooner the homeowner can get their package… Read more »

Have the Police Departments filled out PS Form 1583 Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent, if not they are in violation of postal regulations.