Some Denver Area Postal Carriers Allege Mail Deliberately Delayed, Workers Mistreated

DENVER (CBS4) – Some postal workers are reaching their boiling point, saying management is mistreating them and purposefully delaying mail. Several workers at the Capitol Hill and Bear Valley stations say they’re being forced to work up to 85-hour weeks and yet mail still isn’t getting out on time.

“I’m really seeing an abuse of power,” said Dakota Chilcutt, a former postal carrier at the Cap Hill station.

Chilcutt says managers purposefully delay mail when certain employees are off, and aren’t coordinating routes to make up for absences. Sources tell CBS4 several feet of mail are piling up daily, waiting to be delivered.

“It’s affecting the people of Denver, in the community, greatly, because, I’m getting complaints… people asking where their social security checks are, where’s the tax information,” Chillcutt said. “A customer said he missed his jury duty summons, because he hasn’t gotten his mail in so long and that is that is a clear result of improper management.”

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