So this is what happened to a truckload of Adams County ballots that went missing last year

Remember that time Adams County lost a truck load of ballots? The third-party audit of what happened has been released.

Adams County released the results of a third-party audit on Friday, about seven months after a truckload of Election 2018 ballots went missing.

In March, Clerk and Recorder Josh Zygielbaum hired a company called Eide Bailly to look into what happened last year when the U.S. Postal Service’s General Mail Facility turned away the truck carrying 61,000 ballots.

K&H Integrated Print Solutions in Washington printed the ballots for Adams County and shipped them to the facility in Henderson, Colo., on a truck belonging to XPO Logistics. Four trucks were part of this delivery on Oct. 15, and USPS accepted all but one.

Adams County noticed about a week later that those ballots hadn’t been processed and started asking questions.

The missing truck was eventually found at a secured XPO lot in Colorado, and the involved parties placed blame on each other for the confusion. David Rupert, a spokesperson for USPS Colorado, said the shipment didn’t include necessary paperwork on that truck for the facility to accept the shipment. An executive with K&H and the clerk and recorder at the time, Stan Martin, told 9NEWS that the USPS employee should have reported a rejected truck to a facility supervisor.


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