Snowmass residents outraged with state of post office, town council to investigate issues

As more residents voice concern and frustration with the current state of affairs at the Snowmass post office, the town government and council is trying to figure out how to best tackle a communal problem that is outside its jurisdiction.

Mail and packages that are lost or missing for weeks or months a time, lines that can exceed a half hour and an overall shortage of staff, space and mailboxes top peoples’ issues with Snowmass post office.

“I think we’re at a crisis point right now with the post office,” town councilman Tom Goode, a more-than-40-year resident of Snowmass, said in an interview March 12. “What can we do, as a council or as a community? I don’t know.”

While the subject has gained a lot of momentum over the past few weeks, Goode and other locals, including a former post office employee, say the problems started about five or six years ago.

The timing is no coincidence — the advent of Amazon and its partnering with the U.S. Postal Service in 2013 changed the game for post offices everywhere, including in Snowmass Village.

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The Town and it’s reside need th be calling their Congressmen daily until the problems are rectified. The Town on its own will get nowhere with the Postal Service. The townspeople have the ability to correct the problems if they will work together.

Call your local Senator or Representative get them involved…