Shreveport woman starts petition to equip mail carriers with bulletproof vests

Lakiesha Bryant started a petition on, asking the United Postal Service to equip mail carriers with bulletproof vests.

As of 5:30 a.m., the petition has reached over 1,500 signatures, only a 1,000 away from meeting its goal of 2,500.

The petition was created seven days ago.

Innocent people are dying at the hands of careless individuals who don’t value life. An innocent man was shot and killed while doing his job. If you will give our postal workers bulletproof vest maybe it could save the life of another postal worker, and possibly could have saved the life of Antonio Williams. Our postal workers walk and drive down theses dangerous streets rain, shine, sleet, or snow working endlessly trying to get our mail and packages to the citizens. Let’s protect them so they can get home to their families safely too.

The petition was created in response to the shooting death of Antonio Williams, a Shreveport United States Postal Worker who was shot and killed while on the job.

The man accused of Williams’ death, Michael Jerred Gentry, is charged with one count of second-degree murder.


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Are the bulletproof vests air conditioned? And/or heated?

I agree its gettin rough out here for us

How about allowing Postal Workers the means to defend ourselves??

Until you’ve worn one, don’t comment.