Senate Republicans Propose Bailout Funds for Homeland Security Department, But Not Postal Service

The House bill did, however, include $25 billion for USPS. The mailing agency, also a fee-funded agency, has seen most parts of its business plummet during the pandemic. Postal management requested $75 billion from lawmakers, but House Democrats provided just one-third of that. Republicans did not grant any of the request. The lack of funding follows President Trump railing against the agency and suggesting on multiple occasions he would not support any financial relief for it.

Following the swearing in of new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy last month, USPS has in recent weeks announced new strategies to cut costs by reducing overtime and late deliveries.

“The only way that the Postal Service can continue to provide prompt, reliable, and affordable universal postal services for all Americans over the long-term is by vigorously focusing on the efficiency of our operations,” DeJoy said on Monday. “Given our current situation, it is critical that the Postal Service take a fresh look at our operations and make necessary adjustments.”

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