Senate confirms Duncan for second term on Postal Service’s board of governors

The United States Postal Service escaped what one postal analyst described as “a body blow” Dec. 5 when the Senate finally confirmed Robert M. Duncan for a second term on the agency’s board of governors. Duncan serves as the board’s chairman.

Paul Steidler, a senior fellow at the Lexington Institute, a Washington, D.C., think tank, had warned that if the Senate had failed to act on Duncan’s nomination, the USPS would have once again been left without a quorum for its board.

That would have left the Postal Service “operationally handicapped and incapable of driving important needed change,” Steidler said in an essay posted on the institute’s website Dec. 4.

The postal board only regained its quorum (five board members) in August after lacking one since 2014 because of the Senate’s inaction on presidential nominees to the board.

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