Sen. Carper talks about the future of the U.S. Postal Service

The new 20,000-square-foot postal facility in Dover should be ready in about a year – at the cost of $7.5 million .

Carper has consistently been an advocate for the Postal Service throughout his political career, citing its importance to him when serving in Vietnam.

Carper says the USPS is seeing a surge in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic.

“And the Postal Service has seen an increase in their package volumes in the past 5-6 months because of COVID-19,” said Carper. “In adversity lies opportunity and in this case opportunity for the Postal Service to do what it does very well; Go to every door, every mailbox in the country 6, 7 times a week and that’s what they’ve continued to do.”

Carper adds Postal Service’s goal should be to shift its priorities to meet the nation’s changing needs.

With first class mail demand dropping rapidly, he sees the Postal Service becoming a more package based and last-mile service in the future, able to deliver to places companies like UPS and Fedex don’t see as profitable to serve.

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What’s our bottom line? Our goal is to at least break even. How many organizations survives beside the Federal Government operate at a billion plus loss each year? If we hired a PMG from within the post office like we have done for decades, it won’t fix the bottom line. But let’s sabotage a guy because he was handpicked by Trump without checking his resume with his previous venture.