Sam Bee delivers the message that December 8 is the deadline to junk Postmaster Louis DeJoy

Samantha Bee knows that you haven’t been receiving her letters reminding you that there’s a farcically corrupt greed-head in charge of the United States Postal Service. For one thing, she has a TV show, not a physically mailed current events comedy newsletter. But, even if Full Frontal were a late-night ’zine, Bee knows you’d probably still be waiting for the newest issue, what with Trump-nominated saboteur and privatization fetishist Louis DeJoy acting as Postmaster General and major impediment to timely mail delivery.

Bee brought on President of the New York Metro Area Postal Union, Jonathan Smith, to talk about just why this year’s family holiday letter (and, you know, your life-saving medication) is likely to be late of late. Starting out by delivering the dad joke that wealthy GOP donor DeJoy “brings no DeJoy” to postal workers or customers this holiday season, Smith told Bee seriously, “I believe that he was sent to sabotage, not just the Postal Service, but the people’s confidence in the Postal Service.”

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Boo. I think it’s disgraceful that an employee publicly bad mouths his boss’ plan to financially stabilize the USPS. Change is hard enough to accept. We need union leaders to help us through these changes; not whine about a difference in opinion on how to do it.

Ms. Bee I totally agree with you. DeJoy is a joke! He sounds like your typical politician. Just because he says the Postal Service will do well….does not make it so. Here in our local post office, mail delivery is not dependable. They can’t even handle normal mail volume, how can they handle the holidays? Extra help has not been hired for the holidays (I even know of a retired postal employee who applied for the holidays…she hasn’t even been fingerprinted yet). DeJoy claims he started working on this holiday season in February…..what has he done??

After decades of failure as an agency and an attempt to operate like a business, the union lackeys don’t want DeJoy to succeed and upset their gravy train.