‘Rude’ behavior leads to charges against postal customer

For most people, a trip to the post office begins and ends without incident. Rude behavior normally is not part of the equation.

That was anything but the case at the Bloomfield postal facility last week when a violent confrontation ensued after a man questioned the manners of another patron.

Police said Elizabeth Noel Morrison, 27, of Avalon, attempted to run over Sean Devine, 31, after Mr. Devine called her out for knocking packages from his arms as he tried to enter the post office in the 5100 block of Liberty Avenue.

According to the criminal complaint, about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Ms. Morrison flung open the door to leave as Mr. Devine entered, causing two packages to fall to the ground. After Mr. Devine said her actions were rude, she cursed him. Mr. Devine returned to the post office parking lot to pick up more packages, where he again encountered Ms. Morrison, who was in her vehicle, the complaint said.

Mr. Devine told police while he was carrying numerous packages in the parking lot, Ms. Morrison sped up her vehicle, rolled down her window and cursed him again. The complaint said after Mr. Devine scolded Ms. Morrison for driving too fast, she accelerated and struck him on the right side.

The packages Mr. Devine was carrying fell to the ground. The complaint said Ms. Morrison then ran over the packages before driving away on Liberty Avenue toward Shadyside.

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At the Prudential Boston clerk does not wear mask – rude response when told it’s required. Situation has existed over long period of time.