Retired letter carriers warn: You don’t have to accept a Postal Service cluster box

EUGENE, Ore. — Retired mail carriers in Lane County want to send out a message: You have a choice when it comes to a Postal Service request to change the way your mail is delivered.

Some residents may have seen an ad in the newspaper from the Retired Mail Carriers of Lane County letting you know that you have rights, but what exactly do they mean?

“They have the right to have their mail just the way it currently is,” says Retired Mail Carriers member Mary Hackbart. “If they have a door slot, it goes there,”

The group is concerned about a letter the Postal Service recently sent out to some Lane County residents asking them to opt for cluster box units instead of private mailbox delivery.

(The document states, in part, that it needs “your signature so that we can we can install a CBU in your neighborhood at no cost to you.”

Hackbart says that line in the letter makes it sound like customers don’t have a choice in the matter when in fact they do.

If you don’t sign the letter, it doesn’t happen.


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