Residents complain about removal of cluster mailbox

The mailbox was a recent installation, a “cluster box” that combined several addresses into a convenient spot. Back in August 2018, the residents around the area no longer received mail to their personal boxes, and switched to the cluster box that serves 16 households.

The missing cluster box proved especially egregious to White since he and his wife reportedly rely on medicine sent through the mail.

Now the cluster box is beside the Bonne Terre Post Office —  several blocks away, and for many, much more than walking distance. There are a total of three cluster boxes now, with 48 total addresses served.

City Administrator Shawn Kay said that he had been in contact with U.S. Rep. Jason Smith’s office and with the USPS Consumer Affairs department to try to get the mailbox returned to the neighborhood.

The concerned citizen introduced a new factor, saying that the first priority should actually be to take care of the dangerous dog around the neighborhood. Kay confirmed that the USPS had cited dogs as a problem with that location.


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Is there a regulation on removing private mailboxes after a clusterbox has been installed? Neighbors have left their mailboxes standing for 3 yrs after we got a cluster box placed. They are an eyesore.