Republican Party files complaint over election process

TUCSON – The Republican Party says that due to how the mail-in ballots were printed, with the voter’s party registration displayed on the envelope, they believe it could have affected voter’s ability to have their voice heard.

A complaint was filed to the Department of Justice before the Nov. 5 election asking that the ballots be reviewed because of the possibility that people handling them from the opposite party would not deliver them.

“There was a continual stream of phone calls into our Pima County G.O.P. headquarters on Election Day of Republicans calling and saying they never got their ballot in the mail,” said Pima County Republican Party Chairman David Eppihimer.

They say the fear is that ballots may have been lost or thrown away at any point before being recorded due to the party registration being visible to anyone who handled it.

However, some in the Republican party are not sure the ballots even made it to voters.

“I’m not saying there were delays. I’m saying that there was every possibility that ballots were never delivered,” said Eppihimer.

After reaching out to the United States Postal Service. they said “The postal service is committed to delivering election and political mail in a timely manner. During this election cycle, there have been no disruptions or delays in the delivery of ballots in Arizona.”

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