Reps. Peter DeFazio, Alma Adams Blast New Postmaster General for Damaging Changes to USPS Operations

Reps. Peter DeFazio (OR-04) and Alma Adams (NC-12) Wednesday sent a letter to the new Postmaster General (PMG) Louis DeJoy blasting his suggested changes to the United States Postal Service (USPS) that could dramatically degrade service across the country.

In the letter, the lawmakers write, “The agency is already in jeopardy due to the economic impacts of the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The operational shifts you are pursuing will harm the success, integrity, and reputation of the most popular government agency in the United States….We warn that your proposed operational changes will only make matters worse, resulting in a disastrous snowball effect where mail left at the facility accrues through no fault of the postal worker. That delay in delivery will cause harm to small businesses, seniors, and Americans in rural, suburban, and urban settings alike.”

On July 14, the Washington Post reported on two memos issued by PMG DeJoy regarding the “operational pivot” the USPS will take.  According to their report, the agency will seek to prohibit overtime, limit workers to strict 8-hour days, and severely curtail other measures local postmasters have used to ameliorate staffing shortages and provide consistent, prompt deliveries.

In the letter, the lawmakers expressed concerns that these drastic changes to postal operations will not only sacrifice speedy delivery, but could also drive away customers and reduce USPS’s competitive edge.

For a PDF version of the letter, click here.

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Glad to see all in DC worried about the USPS. So worried, you all took the weekend off.


I’ve been a postal employee 38 years and have seen the USPS decline for the LAST 20 years.Many employees have ZERO work ethic and no responsibility whatsoever. Most offices are in chaos and our lawmakers haven’t a clue about the inner workings of the USPS. Unfortunately it gotten to the point where drastic changes are needed.

Not every postal worker workswhere you are. I’m 29 years postal proud. Dedicated 2 service

Each station has its challenges, as senior carrier your lack of leadership, by your mouth. You have fail to set the standard, Why. Put on the youth and not on the leadership. Implementation./ standards at every level… Just like wearing the mask. 74D30L5

It’s not the youth that are the problem. It’s senior carriers on 6hour routes with daily under time that take ten hours to finish the job regardless of volume while stealing tens of thousands a year in overtime. This is in all offices guaranteed.

I could’t had said it better..They drained the swamp when Rich retired..

Rich you sir are the problem. You said you have been working there for 38 years. You and people like you who could retire but choose not to are the main issue with USPS. You really should be aged out to open up new new positions but instead you and people like you continue to drain the USPS like leeches. Those employees you speak of who you say have zero work ethics are stuck in a dead end job because you won’t retire. If the USPS aged people like you out of the system things would move more efficiently and… Read more »

Rich is obviously part of the bloated middle mgmt problem, including PM’s. Place pays 2bl the mgmt costs that UPS does. I know this because Ive worked at both. Rich couldn’t hack carrying so his uncle got him a Sup job. Nepotism another major problem. Middle mgmt/PM’s are basically an exclusive club where they’re all related to each other or banging each other cuz they all too fat n lazy to get it on the outside. Unfortunately all your 5? Unions are slobs too. How bout the GB district why is everyone in mgmt or union Italians from Lynn? I… Read more »

This is the biggest bunch of BS that I have ever heard. I have 30 years postal maintenance and I can still work circles around most the younger bunch and the lazy a-holes. I’ve done more projects, in our building, than most of the others have done in their whole damn career. It’s very easy, for the younger bunch as you say, to sit on their a*sses all day long watching a machine go around and around, then go log onto the computer, log on, and with a bunch of left mouse clicks say they have done a whole bunch… Read more »

You are so wrong I take pride in my and 99.99 percent of the station I work at also cares

I have worked for the post office since 1997. I have never experienced anything like what is happening now. We never delayed 1st class mail…ever. The clerks that distribute the mail in the mornings to the carriers are so over whelmed with packages. Get Amazon packages out. Which we have. Now they want to cut back on the post offices own mail cut back window hours..All because Amazon has gone crazy. Carriers get paid nothing extra to deliver these packages. At my office they went from maybe 40 pakages a day to almost 300 a day. Of course that is… Read more »

We delayed First Class mail rountinely when I was a PTF there were many days when we out first thing in the morning to deliver the mail brought back the night before in order to avoid penalty overtime, over 10 hours/day, payments. If you called back to the office when running late they would say to cut the flats and parcels. Today we get scanner messages to deviate and deliver Amazon parcels before 8 PM and bring back the mail if you can’t make it in 12 hours. All that has changed, if the PMG’s proposal goes is what is… Read more »

I’m a clerk in PA and my supervisor punches me in the stomach if I don’t work fast enough or I make a mistake.

That’s a joke, right? I dont know if I should laugh or tell you to record the happenings and get a good federal lawyer.

If not a joke then it would be a good lawyer for sure.

Working a the post office myself, there have been many many problems years before this postmaster general decided to make these changes. Post offices have been understaffed, jobs reverted or abolished for years, reliance on non-career staff to compensate for the usps unwilling to offer or sustain career jobs. Obvious and blatant disregard for union contracts (local and national). I have never heard of supervisors workforce being downsized or abolished. Supervisors themselves not having the proper tools and staffing to effectively do their jobs.To accuse one man or one reason for the post office going down the toilet is ridiculous.… Read more »

Because of the coronavirus this year mail-in ballots will be acquired this is the president plan disrupt operations of the Postal Service you disrupt operations of this 2020 election