Representative Katie Hill calls out FedEx-funded expert for suggesting that Congress privatize the postal service

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10 year business plan??
Should have done this years ago or better yet, have an ongoing working business plan…

You can make whatever business plan you want, but when a government entity suddenly forces you to prepay 75 years of retirement benefits at a cost of about $5billion a year over the next 10 years, let me know how the original business plan works out.

It’s just greed and insanity to downsize USPS in ANY WAY! Congress created this problem, insisting that USPS put away $75,000,000 for future retirees. A great scam to then later declare “look how insolvent” they have become. NO BUSINESS OF ANY KIND, ANYWHERE, HAS EVER BEEN FORCED TO PUT AWAY THIS HUGE SUM FOR THIS PURPOSE!!!
It’s NOTHING BUT a sneaky plan to privatize!!