Rep. Jared Huffman applauds $6 billion earmarked to replace Postal Service vehicles

For six years, Rep. Jared Huffman has been intent on replacing the U.S. Postal Service’s aging fleet of gas-guzzling mail delivery vehicles with something better for the environment and the cash-strapped federal agency.

Now, a largely overlooked item in the House Democrats’ $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill — dubbed the Moving Forward Act — includes $6 billion to make it happen, including a stipulation that at least 75% of the new vehicles must be electric.

“It’s exciting,” said Huffman, a San Rafael Democrat and congressional leader on environmental issues.

“Think about the difference,” he said, asserting that replacement of the world’s largest civilian vehicle fleet with “cutting edge EVs” will produce “a massive fuel savings and clean air and climate benefits.”

Huffman, who first proposed modernizing the Postal Service fleet in 2014, is confident the 2,309-page spending bill will pass a House vote this week.

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Yes… an appropriate solution!!