Rep. Burchett introduces resolution asking USPS to hear from homeowners before installing cluster mailboxes

As new neighborhoods and subdivisions are being built all over East Tennessee, Congressman Tim Burchett wants to give homeowners have a say in where their mail gets delivered.

Rep. Burchett introduced a resolution last month that would let local groups work with the U.S. Postal Service to decide which type of mailboxes are wanted in the neighborhood.

The legislation, which is called the Easy Access to Mail or H.R. 2158, would enable local entities to work with USPS to determine the type of mailboxes we want in their neighborhoods.

“After I took office, it was brought to my attention that the U.S. Postal Service is requiring many new housing developments in our area to install cluster mailboxes at a central location rather than individual mailboxes in front of residences,” Rep. Burchett wrote in a tweet Wednesday.


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