Reform Could Offer USPS Enduring Fiscal Health

While Congress and USPS seemingly share the same ultimate goal — namely, USPS solvency and financial independence — politics may be a hindrance to its achievement. The aforementioned House discussion draft bill looks to provide clarity on mail service standards, but it also entails priorities on eliminating some of the USPS’ long-term liabilities, such as ending the pension prefunding mandate. Without clear operational change, USPS may still be compelled to seek monetary assistance from the federal government yet again. Further, the Senate Committee led by Senators Peters and Portman will almost certainly need to reach bipartisan compromises given the narrow divide in the Senate.

Overall, the stage is set for the House, Senate, and the Postmaster General to work together and develop a solid agreement. The long-term success of the USPS is a serious issue worth compromising for in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone.

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