Rasmussen College offers 20% tuition grant to postal employees

Rasmussen College is offering a 20 percent tuition grant to Postal Service employees seeking to start, resume or finish their education.

The grant is also available to employees’ spouses and dependent children.

Rasmussen, based in Bloomington, MN, offers more than 50 certificates; diplomas; and associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Fields of study include business, technology, education, design, justice studies, nursing and health sciences.

The college has 24 campuses across the nation and offers many programs online.

For more information, go to Rasmussen.edu/usps. Current Rasmussen students who wish to take advantage of the discount should contact a student adviser.

The Postal Service’s Employee Deals LiteBlue page has information about other higher education opportunities available to USPS employees.


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A quick Google search tells that attending this”university” (and I use the term lightly), would be a nightmare and a collosal waste of time and money… but I wouldn’t expect anything less from anything the USPS… somebody is probably getting a big kickback for recommending this quack school.

This assclown got promoted over there at the Spa at L’Enfant Plaza had a PhD from one of these online scam universities…this clown had the audacity to put Dr. in front of his name….he would be laughed out the room anywhere else but L’Enfant Plaza…you can’t make up what these assclowns are pulling off.