Raising Postage Rates for Catalogs Isn’t Economically Justified

The USPS’s announcement of new, higher postage rates for catalogers and all other mail is a mistake and should be rolled back. The attempt to boost revenue by raising rates may very well have the exact opposite effect: catalogers will drastically scale back on the number of books they put into the mail, suppressing USPS revenues in the process.

As one might expect, catalogers are voicing their opposition to the upcoming postal increase. For example, a high-end men’s apparel cataloger said it knew it would have to absorb the increase in both postage and paper, and would probably mail according to its original plan for the holiday season. Sticking to the plan makes sense because the easing of COVID has resulted in an uptick in response rates, and that should somewhat offset the increased costs. However, earlier plans to increase circulation (which means more revenue for the USPS) were quashed by the postage and paper cost increases

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Grainger used to send these huge thick catalogs to businesses that didn’t want them. We had to haul them out only for the recipient to refuse them, then haul them back. The recipients would say we don’t want these. We order online. Now Grainger sends a vastly smaller piece with better recipient targeting. Get a website, & quit trying to mail floppy, poorly prepared “letter sized” catalogs that do nothing but jam machines & require extra handling ( all the while the mailer gets a HUGE discount) for next to nothing. Catalog mailer rates should be tripled at a minimum.… Read more »

Catalogs are a waste of paper and damaging to the planet. You would think the US government would be more environmentally responsible. Consumers can view the same images online as they can on print.