Racine father works tirelessly to find his daughter who went missing in Chicago in 2018

RACINE — A Racine father is working to keep the story of his daughter’s disappearance in the headlines, not giving up hope she will one day be reunited with her family.

Kierra Coles was last seen leaving her home on the south side of Chicago on October 2nd, 2018. She had called in sick to work as a US Postal Service worker, but later was seen on surveillance video leaving her home and walking right past her car before she vanished.

More than a year later, her father, Racine resident Joseph Coles, is hoping to keep spreading the word about her. He’s holding out hope she is alive.

“That’s the most important thing in my life right now,” said Coles. “To get the information out about my daughter and to find out about where her whereabouts is, and keep using this until I find the answers that I am looking for.”

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