Push to buy USPS merch to help save the Post Office amid shutdown fears takes off on Twitter

Amid changes made to the United States Postal Service by the newly-appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy that have started conversations about delayed service and its financial viability, people are getting creative about ways to support the USPS by putting their own money into the agency through purchases of stamps and merchandise.

With hashtags like #SaveUSPS and #DontDefundUSPS trending on Twitter, people across the country are trying to come up with solutions for the economic crisis that USPS is facing as many are turning to other package delivery services as a result of delays. On Monday, the House Oversight Committee invited DeJoy to a hearing to discuss slowed operations at the USPS, particularly focusing on “the need for on-time mail delivery during the ongoing pandemic and upcoming election.”

In the meantime, some have recently discovered that the agency has merchandise for sale, which many believe could be an effective way to take action in support of the USPS from home.

“THE USPS HAS A MERCH STORE,” one user tweeted on Thursday followed by a link to the USPS gift shop, which hosts USPS-themed apparel, puzzles, toys, books, jewelry and more. By Friday, March For Our Lives co-founder and activist David Hogg shared the store’s link with a call to action to make a purchase or encourage others to do so in an effort to help the USPS from being defunded.

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