Purple Heart recipient sentenced in mail theft ‘let addiction take over everything’

A former Troy postal worker was sentenced Thursday to 60 days in the Miami County Jail and five years of community control on charges of felony aggravated trafficking in drugs and misdemeanor theft of prepaid cards from the mail.

Jason T. Blumenstock, 41, of Troy was sentenced by Judge Jeannine Pratt in Miami County Common Pleas Court.

Troy police and prosecutors said Blumenstock, who had a mail delivery route, took prepaid cards out of the mail and used at least two at Lowe’s. He admitted selling methamphetamines, but said it was not during his work hours.

Blumenstock, a veteran who the judge noted in sentencing was awarded a Purple Heart, said he “let addiction take over everything.” He said he couldn’t be sorrier for what he had done.

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Fast track him into Postal Management, we need more criminals in management rolls.