PRC Chairman: Ensuring Universal Postal Service Is Delivered to America

The Postal Regulatory Commission commends the Government Accountability Office for its excellent evaluation of the fundamental postal public policy issues confronting our nation in its latest report entitled U.S. Postal Service: Congressional Action to Enable a Sustainable Business Model is Essential (GAO-20-385). The report’s recommendations warrant immediate attention by Congress.

In particular, the GAO’s first matter for congressional consideration – “Congress should consider reassessing and determining the level of universal postal service the nation requires” – is long overdue and must be addressed as quickly as possible.

Given the Postal Service’s severe and worsening financial situation – as was the case even before the impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis – we as a nation must provide a clear and specific definition of universal service required to meet our fellow citizens’ postal needs, and ensure that obligation can be funded. The commission has recommended this to Congress on many occasions, including in its most recent statutorily mandated report of legislative recommendations sent to Congress and the president. (SeeSection 701 Report)


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