Postmaster General’s bad plan to slow-walk your mail should be labeled ‘return to sender’

The U.S Postal Service traditionally has been the federal government’s most trusted agency, doing a pretty good job of delivering and processing 472 million pieces of mail each day.

But that reputation is about to take a hit. President Donald Trump’s new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, has effectively ordered his troops to purposely delay mail delivery to save on overtime costs.

We have stressed the need for a top-notch postal service, especially during a pandemic when the timely delivery of everything from unemployment checks to medicines is of the utmost importance.

To assure those timely deliveries, mail carriers sometimes make multiple daily trips to their local postal distribution center to get more mail. Trips occurring late enough in a shift to possibly merit overtime now would be prohibited.

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I think this is the stupiest thing I’ve ever heard. We have veterans and even ordaniary people out there receiving heart meds and critical drugs that need to be delivered on time. Is the new Postmaster general trying ti put more money in Amazons pockets. His ideas stink!!!

These won’t be delayed

“Return to sender” was in reference to the PMG not the mail. That’s the way I read it. That he should be RTS.

Meds and drugs delivery

This is a false article… The Post office must attempt to deliver before the endorsement RTS is placed on the letter and “returned to sender”. Whoever put out this article is FAKE NEWS!

Its not fake.Im a postal worker. Its true and its stupid

I’m a postal employee also. Our mail isn’t returned to sender until a delivery attempt is made.

What are you talking about “return to sender?” Vote trump in again..plan to have no delivery of anything from the post office, because it won’t be around as a service….to every single American in the USA.

You may have no delivery before he wins again, lol. So if you like your job and want to keep it, then let the bad weeds come out that the union stewards protect that don’t do crap but just show up! That is why the postal service is failing!
#TRUMP 2020

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The post office need to make everyone get curbside boxes. This will cut down on massive amount of time. Also stop the old carrier from.riding the clock

Yea right, you are dreaming! Trump is an idiot and will be gone soon but not soon enough!

No he won’t. He is the only hope you have to keep a job!

Deliver the service customer pay for: deliver parcels 7 days a week if service paid for same guideline as ups and fedx. Bulk mail-market mail is never delayed as service standards are history. First class mail as a means of personal communication is a thing of the past. 60 years ago people communicated via letter mail. Today’s technological communications means has made the written word via a postage stamp with 1-2 day deliver time a thing of the.past Revenue decreased as the need no longer exist. Online shopping has created an increase in revenue. Parcel delivery will continue to increase.… Read more »

It’s not that simple…..we still have carriers in the office that like that overtime and will do ANYTHING to get it. They’re protected by the union…get the bad seeds out somehow, then have a more productive u.s.p.s. And for God’s sake…..get rid of half of the supervisory staff. The good seeds know their job and how to do it swiftly, safely and efficiently.

I left the office after loading my truck and casing my route. I delivered a one hour piece then stopped at the office to use the restroom on the way to my route since it was on the way. There were carriers still pulling down their routes. These people are a huge part of the problem.

And the union protects that! Get out of your union due to the protection of bad behavior. The good employees are suffering from that!

New PMG DeJoy doesn’t give a RIP about the Postal Service! He is just carrying out Trump’s agenda to destroy the organization and privatize the Post Office!

The Postal Service’s financial problems began with the pre – funding mandate of the 2006 Postal Enhancement and Accountability Act! If Congress would rescind that ridiculous law, the USPS would be fine. It has accounted for over 90% of the Postal Service’s red ink since 2007! And, for those of you in the general public that aren’t aware of this, the Postal Service DOES NOT GET TAX DOLLARS! We are a self sufficient government organization that sustains itself on the sale of its products!

Exactly so that is why the President can’t give anymore than the 10 billion he just allowed. It makes the P.O. look like a you have horrible management! Maybe they do?!

Bad plan they’ll be leaving mail behind when they really don’t have to.

I am a retired usps worker alot of the overtime is bad managers noone wants the postmaster job so the older one have all retired and the ones running the office have only been with usps shoet time at a starting salary of 80.000 a year who wouldnt want the job but most are not qualified to run a office as such overtime because they cant manage people usps has become a dinosaur need to cut delivery to 3 days a week and let amazon deliver their own parcels usps get 1.50 for each amazon parcel they deliver and managers… Read more »