Postmaster General Previews Slower Mail and Improved Employee Benefits, Supports New Postal Reform Bill

House lawmakers on Wednesday put forward new legislation to reform the U.S. Postal Service that won instant praise from the agency’s embattled leader, who defended his tenure during at times heated congressional testimony.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy inched closer to releasing details of his 10-year business plan, which he has teased for months as a blueprint for transformational change at the financially struggling USPS. While some members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee took a contentious approach with DeJoy, many struck a more conciliatory tone while preaching the need to finally come together on long-discussed but never-enacted postal reform.

DeJoy repeated his suggestion that the status quo at USPS is unsustainable and expressed optimism that all stakeholders can come together in recognition of that fact. He summarized the problems with the mailing agency as tied to an inability to keep up with mail trends, outdated pricing, underinvestment in infrastructure, inadequate engagement with customers and an insufficient strategy to grow. As he previously previewed, DeJoy promised continued six-day mail delivery, more support for employees and investments in network infrastructure

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How about less management and more employees that actually do the work!