Postmaster General Focused Too Narrowly on Trucking, Some Experts Say

Logistics experts say Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s recent drive to make the U.S. Postal Service’s operations more efficient appeared to overlook the impact on mail delivery at a time of considerable upheaval and growing demands on services.

Mr. DeJoy’s push to keep trucks closely on schedules, for example, likely conflicted with demands from surging parcel volumes and labor shortages due to Covid-19 that have weighed on service during the coronavirus pandemic, those experts said.

“If packages are way up and you’ve got all this disruption and change, having mail leave on time and not sending them [trucks] on extra trips was clearly going to delay mail,” said Robert Fisher, a former senior operations executive at the USPS headquarters.

Mr. Fisher, now director of strategic analytics at shipping software provider Pirate Ship LLC, said running trucks on time is one of several factors that can affect the agency’s results. “He focused on the right thing, and that had unintended consequences,” he said.

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Yes, he’s been so focused, we didn’t have any trucks last week to get the mail out of the plant. Great job, Dejoy