Postmaster General DeJoy gives himself an ‘A’ grade despite widespread criticism

Embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said he would give himself an “A” for his stewardship of the US Postal Service, despite what he has acknowledged were “unacceptable” mail and package delays during the peak holiday season.

Faced with growing criticism of his handling of USPS operations, DeJoy was grilled during a congressional hearing Thursday about what grade he should receive for his efforts.
At first, DeJoy resisted grading himself, saying “I don’t give grades, I just work,” later adding “I’m not going to give myself a grade.”
After being pressed by Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, DeJoy finally said: “I would give myself an ‘A’ for bringing strategy and the planning and effort to here.”

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Over the past decade due to no carriers be assigned as routers all of those collections, handovers and auxiliary routes demanded overtime to be delivered. Enter the CCA and second tier workers with little incentive to put up with postal slavery every December we became unable to deliver without large scale falsification because surge capability was lost The PMG just happened to come along in COVID spring which might as well have been Christmas season without any surge capacity left and the political class thinking that letter sorting machinery was the difference

Can I have his salary. I want to be a highly paid asswipe.

A few more insider trades, on vehicles, and I can give myself an ‘A+’