Postmaster general acknowledges ‘unintended consequences’ of restructuring

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy acknowledged in an internal memo this week that his restructuring plans for the United States Postal Service, which have garnered severe criticism from Democrats, have had “unintended consequences.”

While the changes were necessary, they “impacted our overall service levels,” DeJoy said in the memo that was obtained by CNN.

“However, recent changes are not the only contributing factors,” DeJoy write. “Over the years we have grown undisciplined in our mail and package processing schedules, causing an increase in delayed mail between processing facilities and delivery units.”

DeJoy, a big GOP donor who assumed the role of postmaster general in June, announced at the beginning of the month sweeping organizational changes that saw nearly two dozen postal executives get reassigned or displaced, including the pair of officials in charge of day-to-day operations.


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Unintended you idiot! You intended, in every way, to hold the mail back. Just like Trump, can’t stop telling a lie.

That’s right this KLU KLUX Klan member is part of Trump’s Way to stop America from kicking his Ass out of Office ! But we are gathering people around the world to make sure we take elderly and people who need rides to the polls to vote Trump and lil Almond Dajoy and his plan failed ! Your History Dajoy and GRANDRAGON Trump!

The democratic party uses the mail to cheat in order to win the election. I support President Trump and he will win again! President Trump is a Blessing to the USA and as a USPS employee I support him. Never will I vote democratic.

Please take your meds and go back to bed you fool!

Amen too u I support Trump as well..People are stupid.too what the Democrats stand for.When the stupid are suppressed.they will be begging for Republican Forgiveness.Wake up .U are becoming a communist,socialist nation.Put God first,Country second and love one another,then we will Be respected and feared by the world that God Created.

That’s easy to say when you sit in position(s) of privilege

Bs, I say

Please make sure your coworkers see your post.

What drugs are you taking? Maybe you can invest 30k into Trump University when he starts conning more people after he gets his butt kicked in November

This shows how ignorant you are of the facts.The Republican lame duck congress stuck the USPS with the health care mandate that has crippled us since 2006. They have actively attempted to privatize for decades. Continue to vote for them.You will be out of a job in less than four years.Then who are you going to blame you fool.Glad I’m retired after 26.5 years,don’t have to listen to morons like you,who aren’t smart enough to know where their bread is buttered from.

What happened from 2008-2016 when the demacrats held office. They did nothing to help the post office. Right now they are only using the post office for votes. They promise you they will make things better to get the vote then it’s piss on you. Trump 2020

Maybe if Mr. Dejoy had any postal background ,he could have anticipated the unintended consequence.Any first year employee could have told you removal of automated mail sorters would effectively delay mail.Cutting the time or assistance to move the mail,would delay the mail.Removal of blue box mail receptacles would delay the mails movement into the mail stream..Shortening window hours would delay the mail.So as to Mr. Dejoys claim of ignorance I call bulls**t.

So true!!!

Best comment of the day

Slow down think of effect of change sure a lot of changes need to be made but in a timely manner first no bonuses tied to scores that’s why managers held trucks for hours to keep scores up for their bonuses they didn’t care if post offices didn’t get their mail until 10 am which kept carriers out till seven eight o’clock that’s the problem no one cares how their bad decisions effect down the line stop hiring these bottom of the barrel workers and fire bums and do something about theft

Amazon truck arrived at 8:15 this morning and they scanned it for Monday’s delivery. Idiots!!!!

American has become a weak nation of selfish .pagon whiners

The best thing to do when you hear anyone other than he say they are postmaster general is to laugh…..fact


From the West coast, I can smell the load of bull poops from here. Any idiot knows you don’t just go and start tearing things apart! You study
And perhaps you do each function to
See what the respective job entails.
Please forgive typing, my first cell phone& still learning how to use it!
He’s just smooching a posterior!!!

The post office is a sinking ship for years ongoing and we keep throwing money at it like its going to stop sinking. Trump is done with the bs and cleaning the USPS finally

Hmm..and right before election…

What money have you thrown in? The only support we get is when someone buys stamps or ships something using Usps. But I suppose you have no problem with tax’s dollars bailing out airlines

Why do they keep emphasizing the Democrats displeasure at these changes? Don’t Republicans send and/or receive mail? Is Trump willing to sacrifice votes from his constituents, who’d prefer to vote safely? Is he willing to disrupt small businesses, or is this no longer part of restarting the economy? When will things begin to make sense, again?

That’s right the election of 2020 has became a secret tactic to get a black president Biden is too old to withstand the rigorous schedule required from the president he will fall I’ll right after he’s voted in IF HE GETS VOTED IN and she will take over therefore giving the blacks their to prize a black president then they can take the government completely just like they have most of the governmental jobs.

That is why Me.Trump is doing every trick he can come up with to stop this farse and keep America great.

If u receive mail u can mail out .lets remember this country was founded on freedom so let’s work together and use common sense and stop and think don’t listen to reporters who have their own agenda don’t fall into a lynch mob mentality that’s what they want and they are laughing at u for believing them and giving them power .vote how u believe but stop and think remain calm and use common sense.reporters etc and controlling you and u don’t even realize it

DeJoy continues his lickspittle service to Trumptardian principals and destroying the USPS. May he be crushed under a pallet of backlogged letters.