Postcard from 1966 finally delivered to intended recipient in Kansas

(KSNW) A postcard that’s been lost in the mail for over half a century will finally return to its rightful owner, thanks to a local mail carrier.

Last month Marilyn Foster came across a postcard with a five cent stamp dated April 1966.

The 53-year-old message was addressed to three sisters, Josie, Ruth and Connie Laird.

Foster said she recognized the names of the sisters because they went to school with her. She also recognized the name of the person who sent the letter, Uncle Rich.

“As soon as I got home, I got on Facebook and contacted one of the recipients who lives in Kansas City,” said Foster. “She now goes by Connie Foster; which is ironic, but we’re not related.”

Foster said the postcard arrived that day in town, so it’s a mystery where it’s been all these years.


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