Postal workers: USPS not telling the whole story about delays in mail

Upstate USPS employees tell WYFF News 4 Investigates: The Postal Service is not telling the whole story when it comes to delays in your mail. It’s an issue we have followed for months.

Dana Griffin spoke with those employees as she tries to learn more about issues at the Greenville distribution plant.

We sat down with a Greenville USPS worker who wants to remain anonymous.

He showed us video taken inside the facility where he claims “return to sender” mail was stored for months.

The video was shot in February 2021 and shows large bins full of mail underneath a white outdoor tent. Mail dated back to September 2020.

American Postal Workers Union 168 president and 20-year U.S. postal veteran Adrienne Griffin confirmed what we watched.

“It was just sitting there. We’re not a storage facility but that’s what we was doing,” Griffin said.

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