Postal workers’ union says up to 80,000 letters were held back Monday in southern Maine

Customers across southern Maine will be waiting on as many as 80,000 pieces of mail that will arrive late because of new U.S. Postal Service policies, the president of a local postal workers’ union said.

Rather than wait an extra 10 minutes for the mail to be ready, the trucks left the postal service’s Southern Maine Processing and Distribution Center in Scarborough exactly on time Monday morning, leaving behind roughly 80,400 letters that will be delivered late as a result, said Scott Adams, general president of the American Postal Workers Union Local 458. He estimated the processing center sorts approximately one million pieces of mail on a typical Sunday night.

Adams sent the Portland Press Herald information Monday morning outlining the amount of delayed mail broken down by destination. He said all the letters left behind had been sorted the previous night and just needed to be loaded onto mail carriers’ trucks for delivery.

A postal service spokesman said Monday evening that the union’s 80,000 figure was overblown. He also said the delayed letters were distributed later in the day and were not held until Tuesday.


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With every level taking their ten minutes and the cascading overtime effect the service would have been in a better position to survive by refusing to sell them postage in the first place


They need to return everything thing to normal.

Is this why it takes a package 2 weeks when in the past it was 3 or4 days

Its clear that the post office higher ups are trying to make the new post master general look bad by delaying mail. They’ve been crying broke forever now but don’t want to make any changes would rather have a handout. How many times will they need to be saved with bailout money? Good luck to the new post master general hope he can get the post office back on track and out of financial ruins that old management has it in.

I’ve been a carrier for 15 years now, the post office is in jeopardy because of the new post master. He’s making changes for the bad of the company. The “higher ups” management are following the orders of the post master. Carriers ARE being told to curtail “leave mail” if not going to be back in an 8 hr. Day. Especially right now during a pandemic and election year ALL mail needs to be delivered. What happened to our slogan “Every piece every day” ?

Thanks for your service, Angela! I’m appalled that some of the smaller Post Offices have had to close. There are elderly people who still pay their bills by mail and need to buy stamps, mail packages, etc.

Rhonda, How many times will they receive a bailout? They have received NO money from Government or your taxes since 1970.

Plug in they’re asking for the governments help left and right over old managements poorly run operations.

You dont have a clue Rhonda. Just shut up and go worship Q.

Is that your response really? Nothing to dispute what I said wasn’t true…..just go worship Q. Maybe you should change your name on here to simpleton….or simplymental

No one is trying to make the new pmg look bad, everything is being delayed because he instructed us (clerks, carriers) to do so. We really hope he gets fired!!!! Pa’ fuera!!

The New Postmaster is making himself look bad and doing a ” Great Job ” of it …The purpose is to deliver the Mail and Not Delay it..I read a copy of the “First Stand up ” and it was written a ” Stop Sign ” !!! Mail Delivery and Merchandise Delivery is ” Two different Animals…

Must be one of Trump people

My son works for the post office. The delays are real. Not fake news like Trump would try to have you believe. Cutbacks in sorting times and personnel are leaving mail undelivered.

It has nothing to do with the lazy regulars who stand around and watch postage die on the floor right? Leave all the work to temps. USPS is a joke organization.

80 to 90 percent third class is in the DPS. Changes need to be made!! Why should OT be used for mainly junk mail. People want there packages, including medications. They could care less about letter mail.

Why dont you talk about the unions telling the employees to slow down to make matters worse. Its alway easy to blame management or Trump. Maybe its the unions ruining the Post Office . 2.9 billion in overtime and penalty overtime. No business can survive on that. Carriers playing games but the union protecting them. . Im a 31 year employee and the postal service has been good to me and my family. I Know FOR A FACT if you got rid of the unions the postal service could survive easily. Come on union’s tell them about employees getting paid… Read more »

True fact! Unions do protect slackers. Very frustrating to do good work while slack ppl & inept mgmt wander the shop floor. Motivationally challenged!

absolutely. The unions protect lazy and incompetent workers and it demoralizes those who are actually willing to sweat for a paycheck.