Postal Workers In Chicago Surprised To Learn Of Dismissal Due To ‘Lack Of Work’ Amid Continued Mail Delays

CHICAGO (CBS) — As calls for changes at the top continue and delivery delays add up, CBS 2 continues to investigate what is behind massive failures inside of the United States Postal Service.

When the holidays end, so too does employment for hundreds of postal workers brought on seasonally, but in a year when the delays have been unprecedented and need for manpower so great, some workers were surprised to learn their reason for dismissal was because of a “lack of work” and they had been boxed out of open positions.

“They have been let go due to the post office being over our contractually mandated 24.5% allowance of MHA employees,” said Harris.

But many, like one who did not want to be identified because he would like to be rehired, said he wasn’t seasonal.

“I was not a seasonal worker,” he said. “There were lots of us that were not seasonal workers.”

The post office and union say they were, and a union rule blocks him from most open jobs.

“We’re not allowed to move people into other peoples crafts,” said Harris.

His termination paperwork cites Action Code 357 — lack of work.

So, the post office, short on manpower with jobs to fill, claims “lack of work” is reason to terminate him. And a union bylaw prevents him from drawing other paychecks.

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And you wonder why you can’t keep, or get, people to work for the postal service. Work em like dogs then kick em out the door. They’ll be back…. Ya, right.

it as been an interesting year watching Democrats first all but mandating overtime when the American labor movement was based upon getting an 8 hour work day. Now they will be enticed to break other union protections under the guise of replacing a Republican.

I think these temps are limited to working 89 day stints because if the went 90 days, they would become career employees which management doesn’t want.

It doesn’t work like that in the postal service. The unions don’t want folks willing to work for less pay and benefits sticking around for a long term because it weakens their case that the senior employees need the larger pay and benefits package to stick around

The Postal Service fills jobs with workers that are injured on duty or light and limited duty and can’t work their regular assignments. It is possible that all those positions are filled and no other workers are needed.

I’m a retired postmaster and The Mail Handers Association/Union has a cap during the holidays the union allows more temporary workers during Christmas. Unfortunately this holiday due to the pandemic and the burden of a postal service built for letters being the primary parcel carrier now. Backed up the system. Unfortunately the postal service went over the cap. The final payout just in one plant that had 241 full time mail handlers were paid up to 16 hour a day even though only only 14 were on the Overtime list and harmed. The postal service paid 1.2 million dollars to… Read more »