Postal worker‘s busy day off included robbing a bank in Palm Beach County, feds say

On George Murillo’s day off from his job with the , investigators said he had a lot planned: Pick up his girlfriend’s son from high school, take his girlfriend’s daughter to lunch, and oh yes, rob a bank.

Murillo, 40, confessed and told FBI agents that he committed the armed bank robbery in Palm Beach County because he was in a “desperate financial situation” due to his failed marriage and his new relationship, according to court records.

He told agents he was “under a tremendous amount of stress” because he was the sole provider for two families, his ex-wife, his current girlfriend and a total of five children.

Murillo said his ex-wife told him during a phone conversation in the early afternoon of April 4 that she and their three children would be evicted if he didn’t promptly pay the rent. Murillo had recently bought his girlfriend a black Chevrolet Impala and a gun, according to court records


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What an idiot…tellers put a GPS tracking device in the bag of money, and this idiot didn’t even realize it.