Postal Workers Are Stressed And On The Front Lines Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

As millions of Americans are told to stay home to protect themselves and stem the spread of coronavirus, postal workers nationwide are still going to work, risking their health but remaining committed to delivering the letters, prescriptions and other mail people need.

“It’s stressful. I think about it every day,” Michael, a letter carrier, told HuffPost. (His name has been changed to avoid repercussions at work.) “You have to do the exact opposite of what authorities are asking people to do, which is stay home.”

The 42-year-old, who delivers mail in a small city in Massachusetts, is part of a workforce deemed “essential” during the coronavirus crisis, meaning that — like grocery store workers, firefighters, garbage collectors and more — he still has to show up to work every day, even as large swaths of the country have closed stores and schools, companies have mandated employees work from home, and some states have ordered people to shelter in place.


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