Postal workers are risking their lives on the job, and Congress is risking the future of the USPS

A second postal worker has died of COVID-19, and the United States Postal Service itself remains in danger from the pandemic. Anthony Smith, a Detroit mail handler who had spent 30 years at the postal service and 12 years in the Army, became the first mail handler and second USPS worker known to have been killed by the virus, after New York City letter carrier Rakkhon Kim.

While postal workers are on the job every day as essential workers, Congress has still not acted to ensure the future of the USPS, which has warned that it could run out of money to operate by June due to mail volume falling dramatically.

House Democrats tried to include $25 billion for the USPS in the coronavirus stimulus, but while the provision passed the House, it was removed from the final version of the bill passed by both chambers of Congress and signed by Donald Trump. Instead, the agency got the ability to borrow an additional $10 billion.


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