Postal workers are falsifying data, records show. Workers say it’s to boost on-time delivery statistics

In postal facilities across the country, workers sort and track the movement of packages with a handheld scanning device. The screen lists mail that a carrier is responsible for delivering that day.
As they work their routes, they scan the bar codes of the mail pieces they deliver, and the list on the scanner gets shorter.
Packages that remain in facilities or are returned by letter carriers are supposed to go unscanned until they are delivered. If they miss on-time delivery windows, customers can demand a refund. Lateness also hurts a facility’s performance metrics, which are linked to compensation increases.
To avoid that, the workers and former executives told The Post, supervisors sometimes direct employees to scan packages while they are sitting inside the post office at the end of the day. Sometimes supervisors scan the packages themselves to artificially improve performance rates, the employees said. Inspector general reports say the most common false scan is simply to mark a package as “delivered” while it is in the post office, followed by scans that driveways were blocked, mailboxes were full or businesses were closed, among others.
“Human nature is, the systems break down to what’s easiest for the person working, not what the policy is. I think there’s a natural degradation toward that,” said one former executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they are still involved in the mailing industry.

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Inspectors general have chastised the Postal Service for false package scans for years, but internal data obtained by The Post suggests the problem has worsened.

The Stupidvisors, OIC’s have always done that and will continue to do so, so it doesn’t look bad on their part. Same as hiding the First Class mail in the office because they were too lazy to take it to the plant at the ennd of the day when dispatch had already came and went.

This practice has been going on long before PMG DeJoy’s appointment.

It an open secret now parcels scans are manipulated to hit goals.Same as mail measurements and hours worked.No wonder the Post office can’t brake even.All numbers are made up.And everybody at PO.

Duh….when postmasters get screamed at to get scans done on time this occurs… try to remind upper management that trucks are getting to post offices late… or…so many packages that third trucks are needed. upper management does not want to hear it..they just want to look good to their superiors… Hell, if IG catches false scans the poom and dm lie and say they told postmaster to get it done…. cya just gets worse as you go up the chain…

Ummmm. It’s not the workers but management, as usual, that manipulates the numbers. Their bonuses depend on it!

The scanner does not “list mail that a carrier is responsible for delivering that day”, nor is there “a list on the scanner that gets shorter”. All packages, ie “mail”, are scanned arrived in the morning, then there is an end of day report that shows packages not delivered.

If you use the load function and the parcel look ahead you will see addresses listed that did not have everything expected loaded on the vehicle for that day. And as you scan pieces that list of what’s next gets smaller until it finally hits all pieces processed for that day. That is assuming all pieces were caught and the load function was used.