Postal workers adapt to a changing world

BELOIT — The home-town post office has had to change along with the rest of the world, but mail carriers are still have the same commitment to getting their letters and packages to local doorsteps.

Renee Jordan, Beloit post master, said while letter delivery is down because of on-line bill payment and email, package delivery is up dramatically thanks to the increase in popularity of services such as Amazon and Zulily.

“We have seen a considerable increase in package delivery,” Jordan said. “Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve last year, we delivered 170,000 packages.”

The U.S. Post Office in Beloit is a Sunday delivery hub. Carriers in Beloit will make deliveries on Sunday not only to Beloit homes and businesses, but in South Beloit and Rockton as well. Jordan said sometimes staff from the Illinois post offices will send mail carriers to assist with Sunday deliveries, but most of these deliveries are made by Beloit carriers.


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