Postal worker who paid back stolen money will not go to jail

A postal worker who wrote money orders to herself but paid back the money before being caught will serve no jail time.

Laquida Burton, 28, of Painter was in Accomack court last week to face embezzlement charges for stealing from the Pungoteague Post Office in September 2018 where she worked at the time.

“This is a unique situation,” said Defense Attorney Tucker Watson, adding Burton paid back the money before being caught.

“Most (money orders) were made out to herself, to  family members or to her landlord,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Randy Fultz told the court.

He said Burton reported an additional money order written to herself not immediately uncovered in the investigation by the federal agent from the inspector general’s office.

“She has no prior criminal history,” said Watson.

He said his client lived with her disabled parents and a brother who were in danger of being evicted from their home. He said all the money was used to pay the family’s bills.


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