Postal Worker Rescues Elderly Man on Her Route

Yvette Stevens (“everybody here calls me ‘E’”) remembers it was a hot day. The door on N. Trinidad Street had been open for five days, and “the mail was swollen and wouldn’t fit in the box. It wasn’t like him. He pulls his mail every day.”

#Stevens explained she was off on Monday but on Tuesday she noticed the front door of his house was open. “That wasn’t unusual because the elderly man who lived there liked to work outside and would often be weedin’ or walking around the block.”

#Then Wednesday came along and the door was still open. Then Thursday and Friday. Stevens says she knew his habits; something was wrong. “I talked to a neighbor and asked them to do a welfare check.”

#Supervisor Cynthia Guzman says postal workers can’t go inside the house unless a customer asks for assistance.

#”I got a confirmation he did fall, and had to continue my route. The Arlington EMT responded and transported him to Virginia Hospital Center.” She said she had heard he survived the five days drinking Coca Cola, which is the only thing he could reach.


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