March 21, 2023
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Rich Shelley
1 year ago

The job requirements are clearly spelled out when someone applies for USPS – there are no blanket exceptions made for any single employee or groups of employees – in fact, that would be discrimination – this issue has been denied through the grievance process, NLRB, EEO and courts over and over again.

Jonathan Gatto
Reply to  Rich Shelley
11 months ago

This is different…

He was hired before Amazon and was given the expectation that he would not have to work on Sunday.

1 year ago

When USPS first hires you, you work 6 days a week. Your day off is different every week, I worked like this for 6 1/2 years because I valued my job. If you can’t work Sundays, then look for a job that gives you off Sundays. And by the way good luck with that.

Jonathan Gatto
11 months ago

But the Six Day does not have to be Sunday. He just wanted Sundays off. He was hired not working Sundays and then USPS decided it would take an Amazon Contract. Has nothing to do with the employee.

Frank Wakefield
1 year ago

They were hired before Amazon Sundays had started.