Postal worker jailed on charges she struck woman with vehicle, covered it up, lied to police

Cherokee sheriff’s deputies responded Coleman’s Bluff Drive near Woodstock on March 18 to a call for help about a person lying in the road that may have been struck by a vehicle. The 60-year-old woman was transported to WellStar Kennestone Hospital with a serious head injury.

A U.S. Postal worker, Jaynie Underwood, 38, of Acworth, was at the scene and told deputies that the woman was standing in the grass near her mailbox as she passed by and when she looked in her mirror the woman had fallen and was lying face down in the road. Deputies asked Underwood if her postal vehicle struck the woman and she said it did not.

Investigators with the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Unit canvassed the neighborhood and found a residence with a NEST camera facing the road. Upon checking the video, they saw that after placing the mail in the victim’s mailbox Underwood continued to the next house.

The victim can be seen checking her mailbox and then begins walking down the road. She is walking toward the mail truck, which is still next door when the mail truck starts backing up and strikes the woman, knocking her to the ground, Baker said. The video shows Underwood collecting the woman’s mail off the ground and placing it back into her mailbox. Underwood then called her supervisor who called 911.


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