Postal worker is charged with stealing narcotics from veterans

ABINGDON, Va. — A Tazewell, Va., postal worker is facing federal charges alleging that she stole narcotics mailed to veterans by a VA medical center.

Ammie Hale is charged with multiple counts of theft of mail matter by officer or employee in the United States District Court Western District of Virginia.

During a preliminary hearing earlier this year, Hale pleaded not guilty to all counts of the charges. On Wednesday, she was granted a motion by United States Magistrate Pamela Meade Sargent to delay her trial until 2021.

An Aug. 18 indictment states that on Feb. 26, July 1 and Aug. 5 Hale “knowingly embezzled, stole, abstracted, and removed any article or thing contained in a letter, package, bag, or mail which came into her possession intended to be conveyed by mail …”

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