Postal Worker Held at Gunpoint in Vallejo; Suspect Gets Away With Mail

The suspect took off in the mail truck before ditching it a few blocks away, but they still made off with some mail.

“He told the carrier do not move and then took the vehicle keys from the carrier, drove off with the vehicle, had a getaway vehicle that followed,” U.S. Postal Inspector Jeff Fitch said.

Police said the suspect took mail out of the truck and put it in the getaway car, described as a light colored SUV.

“It didn’t hit me until today, I saw, ‘Wow, my mail could be in there,'” resident Jessica Jones said. “I feel so violated that our personal information, everyone’s personal information, has been violated.”

Robbing a postal worker is a federal crime. Investigators have left notices with neighbors asking them to look through their surveillance video.


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