Postal worker found dead on work route in Portsmouth

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — Portsmouth Police are working to learn how a postal worker died after she was found dead on her route.

Dispatchers said they got a call before 10:30 p.m. Monday night about a postal worker who had gone missing. Just a few hours later, around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, the worker was found dead in Portsmouth.

No foul play is suspected and a Portsmouth police spokesperson said this appears to be a natural death. Officers were told that she had a medical condition.

The Postal Inspector’s Office is currently investigating this case. No other details have been released at this time.

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so much more to this story! More Bad decisions from management of the postal service!! Postal service actions played a role in her death!!! The Postal service should work on getting sufficient employees to get the mail delivered and to get their employees out of the heat at a decent hour! The employee who died was a supervisor, not a carrier, who had no business out in the heat delivering mail!

What do you mean a supervisor had no business out in the heat delivery mail? So it’s okay for a carrier but not a supervisor?

what they mean is that a carrier who works in the heat day in, day out, is in better condition to do that job as opposed to a desk jockey. Besides the point, Management should NEVER be delivering mail… RIP

One set of comments says it was a supervisor, another says they were on their route. Which is it?

Her scanner couldn’t show where she was?where was management?

1030 you’re kidding me? At my office everyone needs to be back before dispatch 5 o’clock

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10:30 pm was when the employee was reported to the police as missing. There seems to be a lot of details missing. See the comment below from an employee.
“She didn’t have a scanner on her. They searched until one in the morning. Her last call was to the office to make sure all carriers were back.”

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This is so sad.

I am from this post office. What happened should have never happened and she should have never died this way. She was an amazing supervisor and a hard worker. We were understaffed. She was not the only supervisor to deliver. The pressure from the top down has been horrible. We are looked at like we fail but our carriers work harder than most. Supervisors are not conditioned to the heat. We are and we still fall out, I did in May! She didn’t have a scanner on her. They searched until one in the morning. Her last call was to… Read more »

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How very sad it’s heartbreaking .there needs to be more team work a group works together to get all employees back as soon as possible.This is a postal emergency people as rcas return they should be sent out to help all carriers get back as soon as possible not just run 100 packages then leave all the regulars out till seven o’clock with 350 packages no team work at our office the carriers who get the majority of package help are friends of the clerks who sort packages to the help pile I don’t have the money to buy gifts… Read more »

If employees are being given preferential treatment because of gifts to clerks, you need to call the OIG. Why are you working until 7 but only getting paid until 4:30 (are you a rural carrier)?

I have tried to call OIG it was treated as a big joke .yes I am a rural carrier .retaliation is big in our office the supervisor claims he sees nothing so he can’t do a thing .i have to be careful .