Postal worker dies after road collapse

SIOUX COUNTY, N.D. (KELO) — Two people from South Dakota are dead after flash flooding hit in North Dakota.

Heavy rains from Monday night and Tuesday morning washed away a culvert near Fort Yates, which is just a few miles north of the South Dakota border.

According to family members, Trudy Peterson was heading from her home in Mobridge to her job in Fort Yates. They say she probably never saw the road was washed away because it was dark and raining.

A U.S. Postal worker from Mobridge also died in the flooding.


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How did the carrier die? For Pete’s sake give a few details!

Look at the photo~ she probably hit the opening at speed (40-50mph) went into shock and tunbled into the water and drowned. its not hard to see what likely happened,

at least his name