Postal worker accused of stealing nearly 15,000 pieces of mail in Macomb County

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) — Thousands of pieces of mail went undelivered in Macomb County, but according to investigators, it wasn’t discovered until an exterminator sounded the alarm.

Tiara Vann has worked at the Warren Post Office for more than two years. According to an investigator with the Inspector General’s Office, she admitted to keeping mail from her delivery route dating back to September 2018. Federal court records show that Vann has been charged with Theft of Mail by an Officer or Employee.

Vann was discovered to have nearly 15,000 pieces of mail when an exterminator was sent into her townhouse in Clinton Township in early January. The exterminator contacted the property management company who relayed the information to investigators after getting a look at a mountain of undelivered mail.


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