Postal worker accused of selling crack out of mail truck

ASHTABULA — A mail carrier was arrested on drug charges Tuesday after being accused of selling crack cocaine out of her mail truck on her route in Ashtabula.

Darcy Spangler, 52, of Ashtabula, was arraigned Wednesday in Ashtabula Municipal Court on charges of trafficking in drugs and aggravated trafficking in drugs, court records state.

The Crime Enforcement Agency of Ashtabula County along with U.S. Postal Inspectors, the Office of Inspector General and the Painesville Office of the FBI served a search warrant Tuesday at 841 Thayer Ave., Ashtabula, where Spangler lives.

The warrant was the result of a three-month investigation into Spangler and suspected drug activity carried out on her route, according to CEAAC commander Det. Greg Leonhard.

“This investigation involved transactions or purchases through undercover, confidential sources,” Leonhard said. “On two out of three occasions the transactions occurred out of her postal vehicle.”

Spangler was arrested and taken to the county jail after she left her home and was on her way to work at the Ashtabula post office.

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You go girl!!!!….a white chick selling crack out the back of her LLV in da hood!!!

Reminds me of that Cheech and Chong movie where they were selling dope out of the ice cream truck…. you can’t make this crap up!!!… only at the post office!!!!

Good one, Mike and so very true!

Ding a ling, ding a ling, get your crack, here