Postal Unions Urge Leadership to Support the Postal Service

In a document to Senate Democratic leadership, NMHU, along with NALC, NRLCA, and APWU, urged elected leaders to consider the impact of COVID-19 on the United States Postal Service. As the United States economy is expiring historical losses, the unions reminded the Postal Service is a vital communications resource to every business and American household, and it generates $1.4 trillion in sales and employs 7.5 million Americans.

The unions called for:

  • A public service appropriation that would provide $7.1 billion a year to the Postal Service for two years in order to combat the oncoming recession;
  • The full repeal of the retiree healthcare mandate;
  • Create jobs by issuing a one-time appropriation to fund the manufacturing of a new fleet of vehicles to repleace 210,000 obsolete vehicles currently in use;
  • Expand vote by mail and early voting options to ensure the democratic process is not interupted this election year.

Postal Unions Urge Senate Leadership to Support the Postal Service (pdf)


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